Handprint Child Life Specialist OT SLP BT BCBA Behavioral Occupational Therapy Personalized Embroidered Zippered Tote Bag

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Our zippered tote bag is the perfect gift with a personal touch. Who wouldn't love to get a personalized gift?

It makes a great Child Life Specialist, Behavioral Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Special Education Aide, or any Nursing / Medical Student GRADUATION Gift! These would make a great unique thank you gifts for your study groups or lab partners. It’s a great gift for your favorite nursing or medical student to display their professional title. They have earned the title and should proudly display it.

You can use it to carry your occupational supplies (stethescope, reference guides,…), books, notebooks, homework, school supplies, groceries, shoes, change of clothes, lunch, craft and scrapbooking projects, knitting or crochet projects, groceries, shopping items... or as an everyday purse.

The bag is great for travel or the beach. The zippered top closure is excellent for keeping your items secure while on the go or keeping sand out of your bag. The large mesh pockets will easily hold water bottles or other small items. 

Dimensions measure: 12.75" W x 14.875" H x 5.125" D

Material: 600 denier polyester

• Zippered top closure

• Two handles are adjustable for a perfect fit

• Pen holder loops

• Two side mesh pockets 

 Other popular title, aside from the RN, BSN and LPN, include:

• CNA   • LVN   • LPN   • CST   • CFA   • PT   • ICU   • ER   • PA   • CRT   • CCRN • MSN  • FNP   • RT  • MA  • CNP

• First Responder
• Labor & Delivery
• Nurse
• NICU Nurse
• Nurse Practitioner
• ER Nurse
• Respiratory Care
• Respiratory Therapist
• Clinical Instructor
• Cardiac Care
• Medical Assistant
• Shock Trauma
• Student Nurse
• Nursing Student
• School Nurse
• Work Institution or School Name
• NICU Nurse
• Midwife / Doula
• Surgical Nurse

 Font Styles:  Click to view Font Styles.  Please note that if the font style is shown only in all upper or all lower case letters, that is the only way that font style can be embroidered. 

 Monogram Styles Available: (If you want a monogram, please indicate in the special instructions which style is desired)

Option 1 - Traditional woman's three letter MONOGRAM, the first letter of the last name will be in the center of the monogram and will be larger than the other two letters.  The first initial will be on the left and the middle initial will be on the right.  ENTER the following INITIALS in the Special Instructions section on your order in the following order:  (First Initial, Last Initial, Middle Initial) - Note that the Larger last initial will be in the center. 

Option 2 -INITIALS only or mens mongrams, each letter appears in the same size and in the order of first, middle, and last initials for the name.  ENTER the following INITIALS in the Special Instructions section on your order:  (First Initial, Middle Initial, Last Initial) - Note that the Initials are all the same size.